New Alfie TYCH 35mm camera

Over 72 images from one roll of film!

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3 Lenses
3 lenses to choose from

give a range of creative
Full control
Automatic and manual

exposure modes provide
convenience or ultimate
Cute and compact the

Alfie Tych fits easily in
your pocket

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The rise of the machines

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Disposable graveyard

Disposable? not any more.

When looking for lens options for the TYCH I found an old disposable film camera and this set a few […]

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USB Power

USB Power

One of the down sides of buying old second hand film cameras is some of them have strange battery sizes, […]

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Light leaks

Light leaks and focus woes

It’s fair to say I wasn’t expecting the first few rolls of film to be perfect. I was very pleased […]

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